Welcome to FinTax LexCorp Solutions, a business service organisation that offers a full range of legal, business, taxation and consulting services. Based in Lucknow, U.P. our work takes us throughout India.


Our tax experts are able to advise corporate and personal clients on how to minimise their liability and we take care to apply creative thinking to solve tax problems and advice on measures to mitigate liabilities within the law. We provide advice on the type of business suitable for start-ups, maturity and growth, whether that should be sole trader status, partnership status, limited liability status, or co-operative status.


Taxes are an inevitable fact of life for businesses, individuals and charities. The tax offices take the view that "ignorance is no excuse" and all taxpayers are expected to be familiar and comfortable with the bureaucracy and complexity of the tax system.


It is perfectly legal to arrange one's affairs so as to minimise tax liabilities (tax avoidance) but not to deliberately under declare income and overstate costs (tax evasion). We can advise you on a wide range of taxes, discuss different tax planning approaches, and if required assist you with any tax investigations.

Our experienced team works with clients to know and understand their individual needs. FinTax Lexcorp Solutions offers a broad and diverse range of legal, business and tax planning services.

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